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Panda Pre-Primary

The teachers at Panda Preschool, first and foremost teach the children about the Lord Jesus and His saving grace. Each class begins every day with a Bible Story, Praise and Worship and Prayer. All three groups, i.e. Junior, Intermediate and Senior groups are required to complete a formal school readiness program, each one according to their own level and age. A graduation ceremony is held at the end of every year. The children who graduate are presented with a ‘Graduation Certificate’. Children graduating from Panda are automatically accepted into Hazyview Primary School in Grade 1. A Safe, Secure Atmosphere: A child who feels safe and secure will be able to develop a positive self-image and will feel good about himself. Each teacher is expected to give support, encouragement and love to every child. The child is encouraged to participate in a variety of ‘hands-on’ learning activities. A classroom routine helps to create a positive and secure atmosphere in the school. Children have the opportunity of learning basic computer skills as well. Educational Outings: An annual outing is arranged for a day away. School Uniform: All children are expected to wear the uniform. Boys and girls all wear green shorts and white Golf shirts. These are available from Jet, Woolworths or Ackerman’s. Any shoes may be worn. (Takkies are good for playing and running!) Sandals are allowed too. The tracksuit should be ordered from the school well in advance. Information is available from the office. Photographs: A set of photographs is taken of every child for a keep-sake. A little communication book is provided which enables parents and teachers to keep in touch with each other. The school starts at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 14:00 Monday to Thursday, Friday 13:00 (children may arrive from 7:30). Fees are payable for eleven months of the year only! Children are given breakfast daily with juice. Thank you for entrusting your child to us at Panda Pre-school. We undertake to do our best to make your child feel welcome and loved. We pray that the Lord Jesus will bless every child and staff member.


Prize Giving Day

A Prize Giving Evening is held once a year to reward the outstanding learners for their individual achievements. Prize Giving this year will take place in November.


”My Acre Africa”

This is a tour sponsored by the Mandela’s Children Foundation whereby 40 children can participate in a day trip to the Kruger National Park. Learners from grade six take part in this event which takes place in April each year.


Our Vision

Hazyview Primary aims to provide such an education in a caring and supportive environment. The school grew out of a proud tradition of holistic education established at the Panda Pre-Primary School. We opened our doors in January 1992 and have made remarkable progress since then.




Itsoseng started off at Panda Pre-School and eventually graduated at Hazyview Primary School. He did a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Communication Design and is currently interning as a Junior Designer\art director at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, which is one of South Africa’s top advertising agencies.

Delecia Shabangu

One of our first learners at Hazyview Primary. She was one of the best girls we ever had.